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FTK is an award-winning, court-cited digital investigations solution built for speed, stability and ease of use. With an all-new, user-friendly interface and the industry’s best tools for categorizing and analyzing artifacts, you can start and close investigations faster than ever with FTK 8.1.

FTK 8.1 has lightning fast mobile processing and parsing, extensive chat app review tools, CAID and Project Vic integrations, file decryption and password cracking, and more! Plus, with FTK 8.1 you get new features that let you:

  • Jumpstart investigations by viewing the most relevant data up front

  • Identify known aliases and uncover hidden communication patterns

  • Embed chats, files, emails, multimedia and timelines directly into your reports

  • View evidence in a timeline format to reveal patterns, or expose what happened just before or after a key artifact was created

FTK + FTK Connect Bundle:

Add the FTK Connect for Law Enforcement license to eliminate time spent waiting for jobs to be completed and get cases to examiners in half the time. FTK Connect can automate case creation and evidence processing, then automate next steps such as searching and labeling results, exporting data, and more – all without any user interaction. With its dramatically simplified interface, users of all skills levels can create powerful time-and money-saving automations without complicated scripting.

You will not be able to use your FTK software until you receive a physical license. Exterro will ship your license to the address provided at checkout within 7-10 days of purchase via ground shipping. 

What is a Physical License:

The physical license is a USB stick with the FTK license codes on it. Within 7-10 days of the purchase, the customer will be provided a link to install the software via download link. Within 7-10 days of purchase, the physical dongle will ship. The physical dongle will arrive in the mail to the shipping address provided at checkout via ground shipping. It is required to activate that license on the customer's machine.  The dongle must be plugged into the computer with the FTK software to run the FTK program each and every time. If the license is not plugged in, the user will get a "no user licenses available" message. Customers can install FTK on multiple machines and plug the dongle into whatever machine they’d like to use at any time. Subscription term is 1 year.

If you want to purchase a virtual license for a single installation, please view the FTK - Virtual License listing.


FTK 8.1 Physical License

FTK 8.1 Physical License

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What's Included

Customers can choose between three convenient packages. The license will be shipped to the shipping address provided at checkout in 7-10 days of purchase.

  • FTK 8.1, FTK Connect and On-Demand Training (Law Enforcement only)
  • FTK 8.1 and On-Demand Training (Law Enforcement only)
  • FTK 8.1 License Only

The option to earn ACE Certification is included with the Law Enforcement Bundles.

If you want to purchase a virtual license for a single installation, please view the FTK - Virtual License listing.

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