• FTK 8.0 Physical License

    Download and install FTK on one or more computers. We’ll ship you a USB stick with your license code within 5 business days–simply plug it into one machine at a time to unlock the industry’s leading digital forensics solution.

  • FTK 8.0 Virtual License

    Download and install FTK on one computer. Within 24-48 hours, we’ll send you an email with your digital license code for the software. Enter your license code and you’ll have all the speed and power of FTK at your fingertips.



FTK 8.0 leads investigators directly to key evidence to solve complex cases faster.

  • Brand New User Interface

    Eliminate the hours spent manually digging for data and pinpoint key evidence faster with an intuitive new interface that makes it easier for both experienced investigators and non-technical users to harness the power of FTK.

  • Reimagined Multimedia Review

    Effortlessly pivot through multimedia case evidence using FTK’s new image Thumbnail View. Group, sort, and filter thumbnails on a variety of attributes, then reconstruct user activity before and after image creation in a mini-timeline.

  • Super Timeline Evidence View

    Understand what was happening during an incident or crime by revealing patterns or trends within your data set. Compare two different devices, or compare a device user’s activity on two different dates to find patterns and anomalies in the evidence.

  • Artifact-Based Filter Panel

    Get a jumpstart on cases by letting FTK cull massive data sets and narrow the scope of your investigation. FTK automatically categorizes the artifacts you typically look for first as you begin your review, so you don’t have to build complex filters manually.

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